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Japan Import Cargo Security

Japan Customs Recently Issues More of "HLD" Notices To Filer
NACCS System Now Readies Its New Tips For Easier Handling

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(Source of this information: NACCS website 10/9/14)

Japan Customs Calls For Filers' Special Attention On Data Quality
The Authority Implies To Enforce More of Data Scrutiny Ahead

1) Points of Attention for Filing Cargo Information

There have been discrepancies of “Master B/L Number” & “Vessel Information”, and input failure of “Port of Discharge Code”,etc, with regard to the Advance Filing Rules on Maritime Container Cargo Information, which have been operated since 1 March 2014.

2) Cases of Inappropriate Filing of Cargo Information

There are some cases that the cargo information with inappropriate descriptions, which might be obstacles to Japan Customs’ risk analysis, are inputted with regard to the Advance Filing Rules (AFR) on Maritime Container Cargo Information which have been operated since 1 March 2014.

Japan Customs may send an advance notice of HLD for requesting appropriate information and conduct a necessary investigation of a false filling, when we confirm an inappropriate filing hereafter.

(Source of this information: Japan Customs website 6/12/2014)

Please click here for the Japan Customs Notice to Filers

1) Points of attention for filing

2) Cases of inappropriate filing

Please visit BAL's JP24(AFR) Portal Site for More Information


Our Mission 

Internet has changed the way you do business today. Information Technology (IT) gives you a great opportunity to streamline and rationalize the ways of managing business. With a use of IT by the leading edge of Internet, once systems get "connected" beyond boundaries, you can maximize the values of systems as available at anywhere, in any form and at anytime. Such boundaries may be physical or logical ones that are present among business systems in the form of data, operating system and many others. They may be occurring within your organization, with customers and to trading partners. And even languages used in human communication would be a challenge. For your global system projects ex Japan, our past experiences to develop a global business system in U.S. would surely help your tasks. Whatever they may be, our mission is to have your business system resources get "connected" in local as well as around the globe and to make them more effective, productive and efficient. This is what we wish to deliver through our efforts to Make Your Systems Work Without Boundaries. (2006.8.20)



Apps By Cloud
Cargo Security

Our shipping documentation package software BALDOC has now renamed to DC-24 in a business partnership with Dream Cargo Systems(DCS), a well-known package software provider specialized in the freight forwarder industry covering Air as well as Ocean. Thanks to this new collaborative partnership with DCS, your shipping documentation needs will now be covered in efficient manner and improve profitability that may include solutions for the coming JP24 issues in Japan..

At the same time, we have newly added BALDOC-CLOUD into our product list which can be used by NVOCCs for their export documentation needs. It is known for a set of shipping documentation funcionality via online service by using browser(IE) only. You do not require any system resources such as server but to use Window PC and Internet connectivity.

In summary, there are three products now available for NVOCC business, i.e.

1) NVOCC Shipping Documentation (Package Software) - DC-24
2) NVOCC Export Shipping Documentation
(Cloud Service) - BALDOC CLOUD
3) CBP ACE Interface (Package Software) - For cargo destined to U.S. - BALDOC Interface

BAL offers a web-based transaction service called Ocean ACE (formerly Import2000) by The Descartes Systems Group (Nasdaq:DSGX) since January 2003 ex FCS (Flagship Customs Service) days that was merged to DSG in June 2006.. In partnership with Ocean Commerce who represents DSG as its sales agent in Japan, we support customers with our technical expertise in addition to our marketing/sales activities. Descartes Systems provides the valuable connectivity and communication platform GLN, Global Logistics Network, and operates the largest certified U.S. Customs Service Center in North America and delivering electronic gateway access to the U.S. Custom such as ACE (Ocean ACE), and related EDI Services. Our clients include Freight Forwarders and Ocean Carriers in particular as well as the trade community of shippers and consignees in general.

In addition to the U.S. Security Filing by ACE or AMS Filing before, on March 10, 2014 has marked the final step in Japan’s Ocean Advance Filing Rules (AFR-JP24) implementation. Since that time, filers around the globe are now required to send data to Japan Customs or face potential penalties where Descartes Systems is fully ready and available to service all such customers. Descartes customers were among the first to move into compliance and successfully submit thousands of messages in the first week alone. As a pioneer in the field of regulatory compliance, Descartes was also the first logistics technology provider to work with the Nippon Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System (NACCS) Center to electronically submit manifest information to Japan Customs.

Based on our expertise on migrating information systems to overseas, we offer consulting services to clients who are in need of streamlining and standardizing business systems worldwide including Japan. The migration of business information system, i.e. applications and system platform from Japan to overseas and v.v., would be a challenge. It may not be an easy task to secure qualified system analysts and engineers with a good command of English in Japan. And, it may be a few who are well versed in English communication with good knowledges and experiences on computer systems. This is where our consulting services may be of your assistance.


Last Update 10/11/2014

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