Our shipping documentation package software BALDOC has now renamed and upgraded into DC4S-24 wtih a business partnership with Dream Cargo Systems(DCS), the well-known software provider specialized in freight forwarder industry covering Air as well as Ocean. Thanks to this new close relationship with DCS, your shipping documentation needs will be well covered in efficient manner and improve profitability that may include solutions for the coming JP24 issues in Japan..

At the same time, we have newly added BALDOC-CLOUD into our product list which can be used by NVOCCs for their export documentation needs. It is known for a set of shipping documentation funcionality via online service by using browser(IE) only. You do not require any system resources such as server but to use Window PC and Internet connectivity.

In summary, there are three products now available for NVOCC business, i.e.

1) NVOCC Package Softwre - DC4S-24
2) Outbound or Export Documentation
(Cloud Service),
3) CBP AMS Interface (Package Software) for cargo destined to U.S.

BALDOC Interface is a special interface program on EDI automation for the connection of your shipping documentation system (including BALDOC if used) with the U.S. Customs through the Import2000 service offered by FCS, Inc. Using the latest communication technology including Internet, your shipment data be transmitted in safe, secure, timely manner by FCS. BALDOC Interface will be installed on your in-house server and generate necessary data for FCS that facilitates to manage the secure and encrypted flow of data between each of your in-house environment and your AMS account.




Last Update 13/01/15